Col. WHITE+VM, 20x20
Col. WHITE+B1, 20x20
Col. WHITE+BF, 20x20
Col. WHITE+BT, 20x20
Col. WHITE+G2, 20x20
Col. GREEN+B, 20x20
Col. BLACK+B, 20x20
Col. BLACK+GF, 20x20
Col. MIX RED SALMON+B, 20x20
Col. WHITE+R1, 20x20
Col. WHITE+RB, 20x20
Col. YELLOM2+O, Hexa 20x23
Col. CREAM+O, Hexa 20x23
Col. SALMON+SM, Hexa 20x23
Col. YELLOW2+J, Hexa 20x23
Col. CREAM+LM, Hexa 20x23
Col. MIX WHITE+N, Hexa 20x23

Terrazzo « MARBLE 5 & 10 » the two classic collections of Terrazzo from Mosaic Factory.
Marble 5 : Made using irregular white/cream marble chips on a pastel coloured cement background.
Marble 10 : 12 types of dense marble chips on a cement background. Customize your tile choosing the marble type, the cement background as well as the size and thickness you wish. Find the simulator on our desktop page. Tiles from £95/ m2 excl. VAT.

Terrazzo Marble 5 - Ref: Marble 506 Terrazzo Marble 5 - Ref: Marble 501 Terrazzo Marble 5 - Ref: Marble 504