Col. MYELLOW1+MCREAM1+G55, 30x30
Col. MGREEN1+MPINK1+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. MBLACK1+MGREEN1+G55, 30x30
Col. MGREEN1+MRED1+MPINK1+G55, 30x30
Col. MGREEN1+MYELLOW1+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. MPINK1+MCREAM1+G55, 30x30
Col. MRED1+MGREEN1+G55, 30x30
Col. MBLACK1+MGREEN1+G55, Hexa 25x29

Terrazzo « MARBLE LARGE », very resistant tiles with large marble pieces on a fine granito background. Every Terrazzo tile is a unique piece. Tiles from £115/ m2 excl. VAT.

Choose your marbles pieces and the shape of the tile in our Terrazzo simulator on our desktop webpage.

Terrazzo LARGE - Ref: MCREAM1 + MYELLOW1 + G16 Terrazzo LARGE - Ref: MCREAM1 + MPINK1 + G35 Terrazzo LARGE - Ref: MBLACK1 + MYELLOW1 + G55