Ref. H501, col. T37+G09+G16, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 70946, col. T32+T34+T33+G16, 30x30
Ref. 10433, col. T33+T36, 20x20
Ref. 70947, col. T37+T36+G16, 30x30
Ref. H527, col. T33+G55, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 10919, col. T35+G55+G09, 20x20
Ref. H501, col. T36+G55+G16, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 10121, col. T37+G09, 20x20
Ref. H527, col. T32+G55, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 10121, col. T33+G35, 20x20
Ref. 70948, col. T35+T34+G16+G41, 30x30
Ref. H501, col. T36+G16+G09, Hexa 25x29
Ref. H502, col. T30+T33+T32, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 70803, col. T31+T33+G55, 30x30
Ref. H501, col. T34+G09+G41, Hexa 25x29
Ref. H527, col. T34+G55, Hexa 25x29
Ref. 10697, col. T31+T33+T36, 20x20
Ref. 70809, col. T30+T31+T32, 30x30

Terrazzo « Pattern », with contemporary and traditional designs, create your customised patterned terrazzo floor, original and resistant, from our desktop simulator page. Tiles from £105/ m2 excl. VAT.

Choose a design and your preferred terrazzo colours, visualise in a 3D environment and place your order directly on our desktop page.

Terrazzo « PATTERN » en 20x20 Ref. motif: 10697 Terrazzo « PATTERN » en 30x30 Ref motif : 70861 Terrazzo « PATTERN » en 30x30 Ref motif : 70803