Col. BORWN+G55, 20x20
Col. MIX+G55, 30x30
Col. TRANSPARENT+G16, 20x20
Col. BLEU+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. GREEN+G55, Hexa 20x23
Col. BORWN+G55, 30x30
Col. TRANSPARENT+G16, Hexa 25x29
Col. BLEU+G55, 20x20
Col. MIX+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. GREEN+G55, 30x30
Col. BLEU+G55, Hexa 20x23
Col. BORWN+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. MIX+G55, 20x20
Col. TRANSPARENT+G16, 30x30
Col. MIX+G55, Hexa 20x23
Col. GREEN+G55, Hexa 25x29
Col. TRANSPARENT+G16, Hexa 20x23
Col. BLEU+G55, 30x30
Col. MIX+G55, Hexa 20x23
Col. GREEN+G55, 20x20

Terrazzo « CRISTAL 20 », collection of light and colours. Blue, green, cinnamon and transparent glass pieces on a black or white Granito base. Tiles from £105/ m2 excl. VAT.

For wall and floor terrazzo tiles, choose a design and order directly on our desktop webpage.

Terrazzo CRISTAL - Ref: Cristal MIX Terrazzo CRISTAL - Ref: Cristal TRANSPARENT BLACK Terrazzo CRISTAL - Ref: Cristal GREEN