Marble 5+, GLASS

Marble 5+ glass

Marble 5+, BRASS

Marble 5+ brass

Marble 5+, MIRROR

Marble 5+ mirrror

Marble 5+, CRISTAL

Marble 5+ cristal

Marble 5+, MARBLE

Marble 5+ marble

MARBLE 5+ Brass, mirror, or large pieces of tempered glass, Terrazzo can cater for many decorative ideas. The TERRAZZO MARBLE 5+ is fully customisable. The simulator will let you choose from 5 types of decorative elements to add to 1 of the 6 Terrazzo Marble 5 coloured textures. Do you have another type of Terrazzo in mind? Speak with us, as we manufacture in 5 to 6 weeks.
For wall installations, thinner tiles are available in 16mm thickness (30x30 tiles).

size 30x30cm References MARBLE 5+ 30x30 cm
Price £105 /m² Excl.VAT
Thickness 20 or 16 mm

Production lead time 4/5 weeks

Terrazzo-marble 5+, glass, brass, mirror, cristal, marble